Same day CEREC crowns in Martin (near Gosnells)

Now there’s no need to wait weeks for your dental crown. All you need is ONE appointment. On one day. That’s it.

Same day CEREC 3-D Crowns at Mills Road Dental

Thanks to a combination of digital imaging, 3-D modelling and precision machinery we can now offer our patients in the Gosnells area (and surrounds) same-day CEREC crowns.

CEREC technology is a welcomed breakthrough in the world of dentistry, offering you many benefits:

  • Preserve the remaining tooth and prevent breakage
  • Biocompatible – completely accepted by your body
  • Highly durable – to last the test of time
  • Stain resistant – no professional cleaning required
  • No more waiting around over several weeks for numerous appointments
  • No need for a temporary crown
  • Have your crown fitted in one appointment
  • Crowns look and feel almost indistinguishable from natural teeth

What is a dental crown?

Same-Day CEREC Dental Crown

A dental crown is a bit like a cap that fits over your tooth. It completely encloses the visible part of your natural tooth above your gum line and is bonded in place by dental cement to restore your tooth. The resulting crown looks and functions the same way a normal tooth would.

Crowns can be made from different substances, with the most popular being ceramic restorations. However, they can be made from metal – or even gold.

Why do I need a dental crown?

Dental restorations can be used to fulfil a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Cosmetic – if your tooth is badly stained, damaged or cracked, a crown can give a more natural-looking, healthy appearance.
  • Support – if you have a large filling with very little natural tooth remaining, or the tooth is weak or damaged, a crown can help support the remaining tooth.
  • Root canal – also known as endodontic treatment,  root canal treatment can leave the tooth weak and vulnerable. A crown can protect your tooth and also prevent further bacterial infection.
  • Dental implants – if you are missing several teeth, you may be given a dental implant. Your dentist may choose to cover the with an abutment and crown so that it can be used as an attachment for partial dentures.
Same-day CEREC Crown machine

Your CEREC crown appointment

Before the days of 3-D technology, if you needed a crown, your first dental appointment would be for your dentist to shape your natural tooth down and take an impression, which would be sent to the lab to create the crown. Next, you would be given a temporary crown.  After several more weeks, you would have another appointment to remove your temporary crown, then place your new crown.

Today, all you need is one dental appointment on one day.

Your dentist will take 3-D images of your tooth, then use 3-D modelling and precision machinery to create the ceramic crown and place it. In fact, it’s similar to a 3-D printer. There’s no waiting for days, no wearing a temporary crown and no second appointment.

And, you can look forward to a beautiful, perfectly fitted, durable crown that will look and feel just like your own natural tooth.

Talk to our dentist about same-day CEREC crowns today!

No more temporary crowns | No more repeat appointments

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