Invisalign & ClearCorrect in Gosnells/Martin

Invisalign available in Gosnells
This dental information has been medically reviewed by Australian dental surgeon Dr Aran Moorthy, BDS. Dr Moorthy obtained his  Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide. Read more about Dr Moorthy here >

The virtually invisible way to transform your smile

Invisalign & ClearCorrect use breakthrough technology that allows you to realign your teeth without anyone even noticing.

Using a combination of computer-generated technology and individually customised clear aligners, we can slowly and gently realign your teeth for a healthier, more attractive looking smile.

More than just a great-looking smile

Many of us choose to have our teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons. However, straighter teeth have other health benefits, such as:

  • EASIER CLEANING – well-aligned teeth are easier to clean and floss, reducing the chance of periodontal disease
  • DECREASED RISK OF JAWBONE WEAR AND TEAR – if your teeth are poorly aligned, this can cause problems with your bite, and consequently, put your jaw (mandibular) bone joints under pressure
  • HEALTHIER GUMS – properly aligned teeth are not only easier to clean, but they also allow your gums to fit more closely around your teeth, which keeps them healthy and wards off periodontal disease


Clear aligners are almost undetectable, so most people won’t know you’re wearing them.

Invisalign Clear Aligners


Unlike metal braces, you can remove your aligners whenever it suits, e.g. when eating or cleaning them.


Time-sapping visits to the orthodontist are now a thing of the past! We’ll give you a series of clear aligners that you can change at home.

Who can benefit from invisible aligners (aka clear braces)?

  • Gappy, widely spaced teeth
  • Overcrowded, crooked teeth
  • Underbite (where the bottom teeth bite forward than the top teeth)
  • Overbite (where the top keeps it too far forward over the bottom teeth)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Invisalign work?

Yes! Invisalign has been used by over 3 million patients with a variety of dental issues worldwide. Invisalign was first created by orthodontists and now used by dentists and dental practices all over the world.

How much do clear aligners cost?

The cost of clear aligners varies from $3.5K to $7k.

How long does the process take?

The length of this process can vary considerably. For some people, it may take only several months; for others, it may take one to two years. It depends on the complexity of your case.

Are perfect results guaranteed?

Most patients receive significant results from their aligners. However, perfection is never guaranteed. Results may vary.

Will people see my aligners?

As your aligners are totally transparent, most people won’t notice them. If you look at them close up, though, you may be able to detect them, though.

Are clear aligners covered by insurance?

Your health insurance fund may cover a percentage of your costs for aligners. Please check with your provider.

What about ongoing treatment?

Most dentists prescribe a retainer to be worn after your orthodontic treatment to prevent any relapse in alignment. Your dentist will discuss the appropriateness of post-treatment with you.

What is the difference between ClearCorrect & Invisalign?

There is very little difference between the two products; however, clear correct is a little more affordable. ClearCorrect started in 2006 with the product being made in the United States. Invisalign is a global company that started in 1997 with products manufactured around the world.


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